The unvoiced thoughts and ideas of a septegenarian.



            I didn’t come from Mars or some unknown alien planet. I had a reasonably decent education. I don’t claim to be an expert in any field – astronomy, biology, history, anything.  My I..Q. is a little above average.  I’d like to be able to explain more than the ‘facts of life’ to my kids but I can’t answer them when they ask me why a spider spins a web or why there are four teats on a cow or why it stings when a bee bites you.

There can be no question but that the world is a mysterious place. Mankind  has attempted to uncover its secrets since time began. Sometimes he succeeds – more often he fails – but his efforts to do so enrich his life.  The creator –  whoever he/she/it was – has me stymied over strange things, not all of them stemming from nature. 


Somebody has to pave the roads,

collect the garbage and water the lawn.

They are paid for their labor.

Why does somebody get paid for designing toilet paper.


Some people enjoy the taste of clams and oysters.

Those who eat grasshoppers and rattlesnake steak

are beyond my comprehension.


Coupon collectors save three cents on one loaf of bread,

spend $3.00 for gas getting to the store.

People rise at5 a.m.to be first in line at a Macy’s sale.


Tell me why there are Braille buttons on ATM machines.

What idiot thinks a blind individual is driving a car?


Those who think shooting a duck or a deer is a sport,

men who live to run from the bulls or buck broncos.

Values outside my realm of experience I find


Seahorses that swim on their tails,

aardvarks with long funny noses,

chameleons changing color,

beavers who build dams,


Protection and self defense are understandable:

thus porcupine quills and poisonous snakes.

How to explain poisonous tiger lilies, daffodils,

jasmine and mistletoe and peonies.


Perhaps thinking Strange leads to asking how or why –

an excellent reason to think


What do you find strange?

Julie Rose


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