The unvoiced thoughts and ideas of a septegenarian.


            I have three kids and I promise you every word of this is true.  I dare  you to find a mother who would  read this and not say That’s Me!


You can have one or a dozen.

If you opt for any you become an organ donor.

For the rest of  your life

Your heart waltzes outside your body.

That’s motherhood


After you deliver them obstetrically

You’ll deliver them by car – endlessly.

At the end of each day you’ll forget the spaghetti in junior’s hair,

The pitcher of orange juice on the floor;

Remember only his first word, the smell of his chubby neck.

You wish you had time to shave both legs at once.

That’s motherhood


You shop for a car seat with more zeal  than a dress.

Collect pictures of baby as though they were diamonds.

You wish for a responsible baby sitter instead of a cruise.

You count the chocolate chips on each kid’s cupcake;

Live on macaroni and cheese instead of tuna salad.

That’s motherhood


You become a multi-tasker,

Perform the jobs of several air traffic controllers at once.

You attend every ballet recital and Little League game,

Enter parent-teacher conferences with trepidation.

That’s motherhood


When they’re teens you crack the whip over homework,

Give them a hug to sniff for booze or pot.

To remain sane you avoid entering their bedrooms,

Order a second phone line installed.

They become picky about what they eat and wear.

You don another cap and become a nutritionist.

You buy them the sweatshirts they plead for,

Courageously say “No” to the $100 sneakers.

Reluctantly write a check for Driver’s Ed.

That’s motherhood


When they’re adults you offer advice not wanted,

Deliver brownies, baby sit and run errands.

You come to believe that grandchildren

Are God’s gift for raising your own kids.

That’s motherhood


A Spanish proverb reads:

“An ounce of mother is worth a pound of clergy.”

If you’ve done your job well and remain sane

You’re entitled to the pot at the end of the rainbow;

A pat on the back, a gold star, a blue ribbon ,

For successfully walking through the carnival called


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Julie Rose



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