The unvoiced thoughts and ideas of a septegenarian.

Celebrate New Years ?

on October 23, 2012

It makes no sense to celebrate the first day of the year 
 Why is the first day of the year any different than the other 364? 
What significant event happened on the first day other then creation?

We don’t celebrate creation. We could seek out some beautiful spot and meditate gods wonders applaud the stray sky the leaping dolphins.

In terms of significant events there other days more significant. 
Certainly Passover the day we became free people though not for long
Some people would agree that pesach is more deserving of being referred to as the head of the year.

How do you use celebrate Rosh Hashanah  in such a way as to honor the creator and his creation ? 

I liked it I like to think of God as a magician. Witness the unbelievable variety of all that is in the world spotted leopards,  fish that swim on their tails, sunsets caterpillars that become moths. Leaping dolphins, babies carried in pouches, all manner of fauna and flora. 

Worshiping victory tour is not what it’s about appreciating his creation, applauding it, what does a prayer mean compared to “yeah G-d. Thanks for this world”.

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