The unvoiced thoughts and ideas of a septegenarian.




I’m not a historian I support women’s rights but I don’t march with activists I’ll contribute to  an organization I deem important but I won’t make phone calls and solicit money for it. I’m not smart enough to own a patent on anything, discover a cure for cancer or a new star. I have no special talent for entertaining people.

I  envy  those who have been brave enough, smart enough, to have left their footprints in the sands of time for the betterment of mankind..  Scratch that. I’m not envious of those women or women prettier than I, richer than I.  I am insanely jealous of these women.

Hytpatia: scholar, mathematician, philosopher, teacher of Plato.

Abolitionist Sojourner Truth, who challenged discrimination.

Fugitive Harriet Tubman, founder of the Underground Railroad.

Marie Curie who enabled us to reached the moon

Founder of the nursing profession, Florence Nightingale,

Jane and her chimps, champion  of wildlife preservation,

Jane Addams, her Hull House a foundation of the social work profession.

Margaret Sanger, pioneer advocate for birth control.

Field hand Rosa Parks brought national attention to the civil rights cause.

Abigail Adams who badgered John  to allow to women to vote.

Henrietta Szold, founder of a nursing school and health care clinics.

Those who gave me faith a woman could lead:

Queen Elizabeth I, Golda Meir,  Indira Ghandi.

Mother Teresa, caregiver of the downtrodden.

Eleanor who toiled for causes just..

Coretta – fighter of battles for justice won.

Women who bring joy to all:

Pearl Bailey,LenaHorne, Maria Tallchief

Hepburn of stage and Buck of book

Renaldi and Ella who make hearts sing

Bright stars of fiction to name only two

Novelist, journalist, Isabel Allende

Singer, actress, poet Maya Angelou

Those woman scored their triumphs alone. Unaided they ventured forth. No crutches or jumper cables for them. Thousands of others over the centuries who represent the best of womankind – nay, the best of mankind. People who not only believed in equality and justice and learning  and pleasing others but stood tall, undaunted, and acted to encourage those goals

A blessing on their heads.

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Julie Rose