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Who is the author of these blogs? Some of you know me; some of you think you know me; and some of you do not know me at all.  I could describe myself, give you a list of likes and dislikes, describe what I look like, talk about my values, dreams and regrets.  I could say I’m just an average person – never going to be rich or famous. I was better than a ‘C’ student  but I‘m not a genius.  I have no special talent and have never learned to play the piano as I wanted to.  I’m going to tell you a bit about me another way

I once took something called the Color Code Test. I don’t have a lot of faith in personality tests of this nature but I shared the results with my kids, my sister and a couple of other people who know me well.  Unanimously, they agreed it was accurate.  The test does not measure intelligence or specific characteristics.  Maybe this will give you some clues about the author of these blogs.



My core motivation is peace.

I seek independence, require kindness, resist confrontation

I am an excellent listener

I am adaptable

I value diversity

I have a very logical mind

Whites are very good partners

I am very patient

I am typically satisfied; not envious.

Resist confrontation?  I sure do – at all costs   I don’t argue, stamp my feet or fight with anyone – ever. .As to the last two points.  One of the things I have failed to learn is patience. I make a supreme effort to be more patient than I am but often fail.   And, what is meant by satisfied? Satisfied with what? I suppose it means satisfied with my life, with where I am just now. No, I am not satisfied with where I live, the car I drive, the paltry income I must live on. I am satisfied with who I am, my kids, how I spend my time. And I admit to being envious in a few areas – not overall jealous, mind you, just selectively envious.

Are you patient, satisfied, envious?    Try putting a plus/minus sign next to each of those points depending on how you see yourself. Where do we click or butt heads?


Julie Rose


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