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In my blog, ‘Writing Is . . .’ I quoted Emile Zola:  “If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, an artist, will answer you, I am here to live out loud.”  I received some interesting responses to that piece but the best of the lot came from my sister who said, “Don’t let your life be a whisper.”  What an intriguing thought!

Is there any difference between living out loud and not letting your life be a whisper?  I think so.  To me, living out loud has a flamboyant tone to it. It suggests flashing lights, popping balloons, driving 120 m.p.h. It calls to my mind a very large bright, multi-colored painting of nothing but geometric shapes. There’s also something egotistical about it.  It screams, “Listen to me,” “Applaud me.”

That is far different from not whispering. One who doesn’t whisper is self-assured but not egotistical. He is one who lives his life in such a way that he positively influences others and cares not whether he receives a pat on the back.  He takes advantage of every opportunity to enjoy his life. Cloudy days don’t bother him.. He walks with back straight and head high and doesn’t tiptoe, either around people or issues.  He knows who he is, likes who he is, and enjoys coloring outside the lines.

The guy whose modus operandi is to live out loud does not care about writing backwards, losing weight or reading bedtime stories to a child. His only concern is to splash more paint on his picture, dance until three in the morning, ride a roller coaster.

Those two guys are not good friends.

Do you live out loud or do you whisper?

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Julie Rose


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