The unvoiced thoughts and ideas of a septegenarian.


on June 30, 2012



            “I hate you! the little boy screamed at his mother.  He doesn’t hate his mommy – he hates what she just told him to do, or not to do. We grow up thinking hate is evil but if it’s what – not who – hatred ‘s not always evil., I believe in the futility of negative feelings. I don’t carry grudges, am not jealous, avoid contention.  But there are some things I do hate, abhor, detest; things I want to run away from, ignore. I don’t nurture feelings of hate but neither can I ignore them.


Sloppy grammar leaves me cold:

Words misspelled, participles dangling

Prose, redundant and trite,

Punctuation missing.


I’m disdainful of paper napkins,

Plastic forks, salt and pepper shakers

In the shape of elephants or coke bottles..

I cringe at carelessly prepared food

That looks like yesterday’s oatmeal.

Overdone steak, dishwater soup, bland beans.


I hate snow and boots and gloves,

Loud noise and confusion,

Slimy oysters, pickles and mustard,

Animals in cages, plants thirsting for water.


Violence is not for me:

Arguments, contention are anathema.

Nasty humor is not part of my game.

Sloppiness makes me cringe.


I avoid people who listen but do not hear;

Those with diarrhea of mouth.

Racists and egotists are not my friends.

Intolerant souls are “Z” in my alphabet.


I hate that I am impatient,

Less than well educated,

Am not bi-lingual;

That I cannot afford to take a cruise.

Winter in Florida,

Drive a new convertible.


I’ve learned hatred’s sometimes cathartic,

A dose of cod liver oil, a shot in the arm;

The kick in the pants I may need

To move forward, discover what I love,

Appreciate what is.


What do you hate?  Post a comment

Julie Rose


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