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on June 1, 2012

          A MAN I KNOW


          We need not dwell on the fact that people – from the standpoint of personality – are different. There are those who are gregarious and those who believe three is a crowd. Some chatter incessantly and some are so taciturn you begin to think there’s something mentally wrong with them. Some have many friends and some have only a few – or none.   There is nothing wrong with cherishing one’s privacy but how is it possible for another to come to know you if guard that privacy as though it is the key to a gold mine?


It is often a challenge for one who is open and friendly to come to know one who is not so inclined. I’m not the gregarious sort and I don’t often reach out to others but there was once a man in my life whom I wanted to know.  When it became clear he was never going to answer my questions and was reluctant to share his thoughts and feelings, I gave up and, disillusioned, wrote the following.




Off he goes – into the yonder;

Into a world –  where others flounder.

Down he dives – into books asunder

The sun arises –  coffee afore Zeno.

No time for lunch – Euripides calls.

Can’t be bothered – to lift the phone,

Would rather by far –  to be left alone.


Writes  books – published to plaudits,

Articles cogent – subject to audits.

Digs into –  the myth of the Sirens.

Forfeits lunch –  in favor of  Shakespeare.

Argues with Plato – in search of the truth.

Easily recites – the poetry of Pindar,

Applauds Josephus – and Sappho as well,

Friends all – he needs no others,

Happily drinks – a toast to them all.


Twilight falls – he sits on his porch,

Sips his wine  – and soon it’s time

To order a book – write a letter or two.

Night falls – a walk with his dog

He creeps into bed –  opens a book,

Plutarch speaks –  Virgil cries out.

Scribbles some notes – turns off the light, .


Listens not – to others who tell him

Forget the books – the lilacs bloom,

And into your life – make some room.

Time for Bach – the magic of laughter.

Space for friends – searching to find

The who, the why, and the what of you.


Pity, isn’t it, that we rarely discover the who, the why and the what  of another?


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Julie Rose




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