The unvoiced thoughts and ideas of a septegenarian.


on April 12, 2012



I would have to label myself a wallflower. I’m not the least bit gregarious and avoid situations that compel me to engage in small talk. My social philosophy is one chair for privacy, two for company and three for society. No more. I’m not proud of this and often wish I could have been more of a social animal but the fact remains, I am not.


That said, I have observed people meeting each other and often heard them exchange names or make some comment abut the weather or her pretty shoes. Bob’s first question is often “What do you do?” He’s asking Ron about his job, how he earns his living. I want to tell Ron not to say he’s a dentist or an electrician. Instead, to answer by saying he carves bird houses, builds ships in bottles, plays tennis and golf.


Bob will  persist. He can’t place Ron  unless he knows where his bucks come from. I’d like to hear Ron reply “Today I took my kids to the park, cut the grass, played two sets of tennis and made fettuccini alfredo for dinner.”


In dismay, thinking this Ron’s an idiot, Bob may walk away. Ron gave Bob nearly a dozen other things to talk about and he didn’t take the bait. It’s now time for Ron to ask himself if he wants a new friend who has his career confused with life. Does he want to swim with a fish that won’t bite


Our lives are our thoughts and feelings, the people who surround us, our activities beyond nine to five The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, but that we wait too long to begin it. Life is not a final exam: it’s daily pop quizzes which you prepare for, not by studying,

but by doing. I sometimes think it’s like an onion. You peal off one layer at a time and sometimes you weep but it’s well to remember that rain must fall for flowers to bloom


As long as we live a part of that life ought to be to do for others whatever we can. The lives we touch, for good or for ill, touch other lives and no one can know where the ripples will cease


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Julie Rose




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