The unvoiced thoughts and ideas of a septegenarian.


on April 7, 2012



Once, at a stressful time in my life, I escaped – not by running way or seeing a shrink – but by writing several short pieces that are fantasies. Expressing a fantasy was, for me, cathartic. From time to time I will share one of them with you. Come along and dream with me.




My workaday world is far different in my fantasy than it is in reality. I am the impossible image of the successful woman. I look like the front cover of Vogue and own enough designer clothes for ten people. I successfully juggle home, family, husband, job and travel. My children are well-adjusted, my husband supportive and loving. I have time for travel, charitable work and the health club. There are forty-eight hours in every day.


As the owner of my own business I travel internationally. I am a consultant and develop cooperative programs between university research departments and industry. When I learned that a South American university had developed a method of extracting protein from banana leaves, I negotiated a licensing agreement with a  Guatemalan chemical company. It has since had to hire additional employees and an international marketing consultant. I am frequently called upon by the governments of third world countries to develop similar programs.


I have a sumptuous penthouse office with a teak desk and three secretaries. My employees are caught up in the challenging atmosphere and are a joy to work with. We are a fine-tuned team, hitting the basket every time. I have achieved recognition for my acumen and am frequently interviewed by the media. Currently, I am negotiating with a movie studio which wants to do a film of my story.  I am soon to meet with Meryl Strep and Judi Dench to determine who is to play the leading role. I hold an M.B.A. from Harvard and was valedictorian of my class. I also hold a Ph.D in Greek History fromCambridge.


I live in a sprawling ranch, surrounded by gardens, high on a cliff overlooking the Pacific with a dock that houses our 58’ sailboat and we frequently go for long cruises accompanied by a Japanese tutor for the children. The children also have a resident tutor who is a violinist and I’m thrilled the kids are learning to play that instrument. My husband and I entertain frequently. I enjoy setting a beautiful table and cooking elegant dinners.


It is satisfying to be respected; to know I am making some significant contribution to humanity and to share my good fortune with my family. It feels like being wrapped in ermine to be tall, slim, rich, successful, respected by my peers and loved by my family.


Who is this lady?


What’s your fantasy?


Julie Rose



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