The unvoiced thoughts and ideas of a septegenarian.


on March 21, 2012



One of the things that  accompanies the aging process is that we sometimes begin to think about things we’d do differently were we able to relive certain parts of our lives. It’s a worthless endeavor, of course, but nonetheless we can’t help but regret missed opportunities. Generally, I’m pretty satisfied with the way I have lived my life but I still  have a few such regrets.


Had I known about home schooling when my kids were very young, that would have been my option.  I would not have turned them over to an inadequate and ineffective public school system. I would make damn sure my kids: (a) were bi-lingual; (2) could play a musical instrument, (3) were reasonably proficient in some sport.  I think those are good goals. I’ve recently learned that exposure to classical music affects a child’s ability to learn mathematics. Something about the structure of music carries over into understanding math.


How my husband and I let this one pass by us I’ll never understand.  Why didn’t we teach our kids the game of Bridge? A game guaranteed to produce critical thinkers –  a game that can be played no matter where you find yourself in the world.


I bemoan the fact that I didn’t read enough of the classics as a youth — Shakespeare’s plays, the great Russian writers, lots more. For years I promised myself I’d read War and Peace. Never did.  In a last stab effort to make up a little piece of  that lack, I recently purchased a copy of the Odyssey


I’d certainly make a much more determined effort to step away from the “wallflower” slot into which I’d placed myself. I’d force myself to join activities where I’d meet others and make friends.


My college choice would not have been a  party school. I’d have sought to be accepted by a university with high standards, excellent teachers.


I would have learned to play the piano.  When I refused to practice daily, my mother discontinued piano lessons. I have spent more than 50 years resenting that and wishing I could sit at a piano and knock out the songs I love to sing.


I regret the fact there were no such things as aptitude tests when I was in college. Had here been I probably would have become an archeologist or a librarian – not a glorified secretary.


Surely that’s enough regrets for one lifetime.


What do you regret?


Julie Rose



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