The unvoiced thoughts and ideas of a septegenarian.


on February 28, 2012


Who are they, those people called Jews?

They’re the people who won. Despite exile, freedom wrestled away, their temples destroyed, their people tormented, their homeland ruled by Babylonians, Romans, Muslims, Crusaders, and six million of their people killed they survived and came home.

They rose above those who delight in their persecution. They stood, tall – pride in tact – heads held high and they won. They won a very small parcel of land, surrounded, outnumbered by enemies on every side: foes who adopted violence – the last refuge of the incompetent

They won thousands of the homeless and the persecuted; They stretched out hands of welcome; offered hope and a home. They won the right to assist others in need and offered assistance to those suffering from life-threatening diseases, natural disasters. They won the privilege of making advances in science and medicine, making the world a bit better for others. They won the right to be proud of being the only country in the Middle Eastwhich stands for peace and human rights. They won the honor to be called a light unto the nations.

Every day, in every place, they win the applause of their brothers and sisters and sometimes others as well. If you say “others have accomplished the same,” I’ll agree.

They’ve no monopoly on brilliance, inventions, compassion. That does not negate what they’ve won.

Julie Rose


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