The unvoiced thoughts and ideas of a septegenarian.


on February 27, 2012


Don’t we all dream of   winning the lottery?  I once asked somebody what he’d do with the money if he won it. His answer threw me off track. He said he’d use it to establish an animal sanctuary, a violin institute and a night club for stand up comedians.  Certainly I’m in favor of the protection of animals but I’d be more inclined to use the funds for the benefit of mankind rather than animals.  The night club tells me he wants some fun out of the money.  Isn’t it strange that his idea of fun is such a night club rather than a trip to some far off place? The violin institute is an admirable goal but I find the other two questionable.

He then asked me how I would spend it?  I didn’t have to think long before I answered. I’d probably establish one or more schools where every child would learn the three things I believe every kid is entitled to.  He’d become bi-lingual (maybe tri-lingual); he’d master some musical instrument; he’d become proficient at one sport.  That is in addition to the required curriculum.  Scholarships would be established for kids whose families couldn’t afford the tuition..  No school district I’ve ever heard of has those priorities.  Some parents make an attempt to fill in those gaps and as a result we have over-programmed, frustrated kids, who get a taste of a dozen sundaes and never get to eat a whole one.

I’d fund grants for artists and writers. We need such people. Their creativity and imagination are the foundation for any advances made in technology, medicine and education.  The robots our public school system turn out are incapable of making such advancements.

I’d hold back enough to fulfill some long-standing dreams – a Mediterranean cruise through theGreekIslands– some time inHawaii– a trip around Europe visiting the world’s great museums. I’d buy a condo inIsraelwhere I’d live when I wasn’t traveling.  The truth of the matter, however, is that physically I couldn’t handle traveling like that so it’s all wishful thinking.

And, P.S. – I’ve never bought a lottery ticket!

How would you spend your winnings?

Julie Rose


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