The unvoiced thoughts and ideas of a septegenarian.


on February 24, 2012


I’m a pretty flexible person but, exclusive of such personality types as egotists and racists, there are a few things I cannot tolerate.  I cannot sit at a table with dirty dishes in front of me or those around me.  I am impelled to rise the moment the last fork is laid down and clear the table. I will not eat food that is not well prepared and served attractively. If it looks like yesterday’s oatmeal, out it goes.

I’ve been called a word snob and to some extent that is true. I can’t abide seeing or hearing the English language slaughtered. If you can’t spell sagacious, use wise instead. Don’t try to tell me that language changes and therefore it’s acceptable to write a sentence with no verb.  I agree it changes but awesome to me is not awesome to a teen ager these days. The meaning of that word and others have suffered generational surgery.

The one thing I abhor above all else is intrusive noise.  The advent of the Sony Walkman only means that more and more people listen less and less to themselves. The blare of the TV set or the car radio equates to people unable to communicate with each other. For the same reason, lawn mowers and leaf blowers are evil things. I once had a dryer that sang to me.  When the cycle was finished it played,  How Dry I Am.”  It would’t stop when I said ‘shut up’ so I kicked it.  The damn thing  kept  playing.

For many years I lived with someone who had the same aversion to noise to such an extent that we were forced to move three times because of small children running back and forth over our heads. One of those apartments was on a street frequently used by the fire department and at least five times a day the shrill sirens of fire trucks invaded our apartment. It drove us both crazy.

I understand hermits – people who choose to live isolated, quiet lives – who can read a book uninterrupted by NOISE.  I couldn’t cut myself off from all civilization but I’d relish an environment that allowed me to have an uninterrupted conversation with another or permit me to just think and reflect.

What bugs you?

Julie Rose


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