The unvoiced thoughts and ideas of a septegenarian.


on February 22, 2012


Our world is a place of confusion. I sometimes think it is like going to a carnival where choosing what I want to do among the varied choices offered for my entertainment give rise to feelings of anxiety and pressure.  Do I want a hot dog or a slurpee? Do I want to ride the bumper cars or the tilt-a-whirl?  Do I want to throw balls at bottles and maybe win a stuffed elephant? Will I spend my money to see a freak show?

I think the confusion increases as we grow older.  Little kids are not confused.  We grow up and reach a point where we must choose a college or a career and confusion sets in. Those of us who are not confused by the choice of a mate are the lucky ones.  Most of us would admit to being confused – for a time at least –  by that as well.

You would think that as we mature we become less confused. Maybe some people do – not me.  I wouldn’t say I became more confused about this world as I grew older. I became more aware of it’s complexities and challenges and that surely results in some confusion by way of trying to understand it all.

I have never truly understood mathematics – nor do I care to. Were I to try I know I’d be swamped by confusion.  I am confused by paintings of nothing but lines and angles. What is this artist trying to say I ask.  I am equally confused by poetry I don’t understand. My confusion isn’t a feeling of being lost at sea. It’s related to increasing curiosity, an insatiable need to discover the whys and wherefores – a need that will never be fully satisfied.

I well remember taking an immigrant Russian to a drug store. She walked down the cosmetic aisle and, confused by the array of choices, turned to me and said: “In all ofKievthere isn’t this much lipstick.”  Is it the variety and the number of choices we have that contribute to our confusion? You go to the supermarket: salad dressing is on your list. You come to the aisle housing salad dressings and are faced with choosing among a hundred or more kinds.  Does that confuse you?

Here’s something that has confused me nearly all my life.  When I learned that the world turns once every twenty four hours, I couldn’t understand why, if I went to sleep facing East, I didn’t wake up 12 hours later facing West.   I still don’t understand it.

What confuses you?


Julie Rose


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