The unvoiced thoughts and ideas of a septegenarian.


on February 20, 2012


It is my belief that the highest kite one can fly is that of his imagination. I know a member of Mensa, full of knowledge it’s true. He can’t imagine how to entertain his children on a rainy afternoon He is like an observatory without a telescope. A sculptor gazes at a block of marble and it ceases to be a stone, becomes instead a weeping woman or a galloping steed. An architect walks along a beach under the cliffs and  imagines the vista from the windows he’ll place in a home at the top of the cliff

What did Dr. Seuss have that thrilled young boys and girls: children whose minds were open to looking at things upside down and sideways? He had dreams and fantasies, otherwise called imagination. If you wiped out imagination in a child he’d grow up to be a turnip

It’s a lazy thing we all possess to some degree. It lies in a corner, hiding its head, until we poke it with some thought others might think crazy. It may jump out or crawl slowly but when it arrives the sun begins to shine

Imagination can see what the eyes cannot see; can hear what the ears cannot hear, feel what the heart cannot feel. It is rather like having an alter ego. You enlarge yourself if you nourish it

Allow the air in to nurture your soul

Imagine your lazy imagination to be a piano. Practice it daily: look at things with a squint. Gaze at them through the wrong end of a telescope; color outside the lines, write backwards.

You’ll be amazed at what you will discover. You can see shapes in clouds or just see the clouds. You can hear the raindrops on the roof or hear Jingle Bells.

It is a weapon in the war against reality. Imagination frees us from today’s woes. It adds color and mystery to our lives, gives us wings. It is nature’s way of lifting creation to higher levels.

Einstein said it far better than I can. “The gift of fantasy has meant more to me than my talent for absorbing knowledge.”

Go fly a kite.


Julie Rose


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