The unvoiced thoughts and ideas of a septegenarian.


on February 19, 2012



One need only read a newspaper or listen to a news broadcast for a sense of pity to be arousedy.  Certainly starving children, burning forests, tragic accidents are pitiful.  This poem speaks of other things I find deserving of pity.




Man opens his eyes and sees nothing

Cares not about the downtrodden,

Fails to applaud at the sight of

A snow-covered mountain.


 Man hears but does not listen,

Eats but does not taste,

Cannot smell the fragrance of roses,

Does not value moments of silence,


 He fails to rejoice with a child,

Delivers monologues when dialogue is sought,

Is incapable of bringing a smile to the face of another,


He confuses his career with his life,

Believes his worth is measured in dollars

Relies on toys and gadgets for pleasure,


 Depends on cosmetics and falsehoods,

Cannot separate truth from lies,

Fails to read between the lines,

Does not understand the frown of another.


 Rarely laughs or sings

Has no interest in books

The ideas, dreams, thoughts of others.


 Does not long to hold hands with a loved one

Knows not how to accept or offer love.


What do you f ind  pitiful?

Julie Rose


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