The unvoiced thoughts and ideas of a septegenarian.


on February 17, 2012


I could write reams about times I’ve spent in Jerusalem, describe its environs, its buildings the color of ripe peaches and flowers cascading over balconies,  points of interest as well as the problems it faces.  My experiences there are worth sharing but I’ll do that another time. Now I want to share my sense of Jerusalem, the City ofHope.

 I visualize Jerusalem as a sanctuary of confidence, the utopia of faith in the future. There “break a leg,” “good luck,” “best wishes,” “forever yours,” and “l’chaim” were coined. There, in spite of guns and mortars, industry thrives and great minds enrich humanity. There, the persecuted come to rest and find solace from outstretched hands.

 It is home also to generations of war, hate and destruction, against which hope has prevailed. I like to believe that the sliver of land we call Jerusalem has taught mankind that hope outshines, outlasts suffering and despair; that optimism transcends terror and fear.

 Not only born there hope thrives. A song written during  the six-day war expresses the abiding nature of hope.  It says:

 “Next year we will sit on the porch and count migrating birds. Children on vacation will play tag between the house and  the fields… You will see. you will yet see how good it will be next year.”

 Could the world endure without hope; without a belief that things will get better? Without it I fear we are lost.

Julie Rose


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