The unvoiced thoughts and ideas of a septegenarian.


on February 14, 2012


I wish somebody would  teach today’s younger generation the meaning of ‘awesome.’ They have adopted a definition  foreign to me. Those waffles were awesome: your dress is awesome they say. What they mean is very good – great – terrific One may be very fond of them but waffles and a dress are not awesome. They do not inspire a feeling of awe, a sense of wonder or the miraculous

Computers are wonderful things but I do not revere them  Nor do I stand in awe at the sight of designer clad women. The delivery room in a hospital is an awesome place. How can giving birth to a child not inspire a feeling of wonder. Though it may seem mundane to others, to me a well-tended garden is awesome. Watching new growth burst forth, I am filled with wonder

It seems to me that a sense of  wonder is the womb from which art, science and religion are born. It inspires curiosity without which we’d have no progress

The human race would stagnate, remain locked in time

I am filled with awe when I think about the mysteries of life, the marvelous structure of reality. I kneel before stars and lightening. The works of great artists and composers fill me with reverence, respect for beauty and the miraculous.

An unfortunate soul is he who cannot pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe: those who have swallowed their sense of wonder and majesty

Try explaining that to a fifteen year old when she tells you the party was awesome  or a sixteen year old who says, “Man, that Chevy is awesome.”

What do you find awesome?


Julie Rose


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