The unvoiced thoughts and ideas of a septegenarian.


on February 12, 2012

This is the epilogue to a novel about change in mid-life, the difficulties faced by a family who choose to move to Israel and the contribution they made to that state. See freenovelsonline.com for the entire text.


The Sol Bransky Riding Ranch For Children opened with seven resident autistic children. One year later there were 30 children and 15 horses, well tended by Victor and an assistant groom.

Sylvia Bransky’s flowers brighten the camp and the children come to her cottage nightly for snacks and a story.

Ride and Dig is booked solid six months of the year.

Jessica was promoted to Sales Manager of the Jerusalem Post. Her paintings are frequently on exhibit at art festivals throughout the country. Reflections, poems by Jessica Danielson.was published to acclaim.

Beth and Jacob spent three years at Ben GurionUniversity. Beth received a degree in Library Science. Jacob graduated with a specialty in neurology. Both of them are staff members at the camp. They are expecting their first child in four months.

Aaron and Naomi were married after he completed the requirements for his M.B.A. Aaron continues to operate the stable and Naomi struggles to teach dance to the camp’s residents.

Ellen and Ari completed their obligatory tours of duty in the IDF unscathed. Ari remained in the service and became an ace pilot. Ellen teaches piano lessons to the camp residents three times a week. She will soon return to the U.S. for an advanced degree from the Julliard School of Music.

Gene was happy to leave management of the camp and join Buddy to develop Circa B.C.E.. He lives in anticipation of what the next Danielson project might be and holds tight to Buddy’s leash.

Mort and Lila happily spend half of every year inIsraelsurrounded by their children and grandchildren. Lila is busily knitting baby blankets and sweaters for her first great-grandchild.

David-Nathan Silver won an international journalism award for his series of articles about the stable. He took a leave of absence from the Post and is writing a book about horse therapy for the handicapped. Applications to the medical school atBenGurionUniversityhave increased by 20% since his article about that school was picked up by the major news wire services.

Jonathon moved toIsrael, married Leah and is a computer technician for a software manufacturer in Tel Aviv. They expect twins next week.

Kwasi was granted a small stipend by theIsraelMuseumto assemble a room dedicated to Ethiopian Jewish culture. He wears his “curator” pin with pride.

Circa B.C.E. is listed in all guide books toIsraelandJerusalem. Reservations are suggested.

At the award dinner in his honor Buddy was presented with a certificate of appreciation from the State of Israel. It hangs above his desk at Circa B.C.E. He is frequently asked to appear as a guest speaker to new residents ofIsrael.

Speedo, Thunder, Slowpoke, Woe-B-Gone, Clover, Jamal, Ambar, Simcha, Homebound, Flying High and Spring Forth graze on the slopes of Bet Horon and await the children who will snuggle into their manes and bring them apples.


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