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on February 12, 2012

This is the concluding portion f the children’s story, Eenie, Meanie, Miney, Moe and Bernie. The entire story, as well as other Old Witch stories, can be ordered from the author at julierose601@gmail.com



“That’s really amazing,” said Hypatia. “Look at how they do that using only their back paws. I suppose if they used all four feet it would get pretty confusing.”

Once, when Eeny happened to drop off a black key and onto a white key, Moe shoved him back to where he belonged and nobody noticed the wrong note. When they finished the Jupiter Symphony they started to play music from ‘The Sound of Music’ and everybody began singing, ‘Doe, a deer, a female deer. Re, a drop of golden sun.’ When they’d done a couple of those songs, they started to play a waltz.

“Shall we dance?” said Count Morbid to Hypatia.

“Well, of course,” she replied as she stood up and held out her hands.

“How about you Old Witch,” said Rusty the Skeleton. “Will you dance with me?”

“Certainly,” said the Old Witch. She stood up, Rusty got into waltz position and off they went, circling around the room.

Soon everybody was dancing, having a wonderful time, and the mice kept playing. They played some jazz, some gypsy music, a little ragtime, and finally ended with a rather loud Irish step dance nobody knew how to do.

“Oops,” said Rusty. “We’ll have to learn how to do that. It sounds like fun. We could make more noise than Slobolla with his vacuum cleaner.”

Everyone joined hands and made a circle around the piano. “Bravo!” they all shouted. “Bravo!”

The mice climbed on top of the piano and took a bow. Then, because they didn’t know too much about this place yet, and didn’t want to do anything wrong, they quietly climbed back into the Old Witch’s pocket. She reached in and patted each of them on the head.

“We’re certainly going to enjoy having you here,” said the Old Witch.

“I’ll bet they’re hungry after working so hard,” said Rumple. “How about . . .

“Don’t even think it,” interrupted Count Morbid, the Chef. “No more hot dogs! These guys would much rather have my famous spinach soufflé and I’m going downstairs right now to make it. Rumple, if you order any more hot dogs for this house, I am going to throw them out. They are not healthy and we are all tired of them.  The Old Witch made me head chef, not you, and I will decide what gets cooked in this kitchen.”

Rumple did not look happy. There were tears in his eyes and his stomach began to shake.

“Can I have one a week?” he asked.

“Yes,” said Count Morbid. “One a week and that’s all. Vegetables and fruit are much better for you than those stupid hot dogs. I know you love them but people who love ice cream

and eat it for breakfast, lunch and supper get fat, then they get sick, then they die. I don’t want you to die, Rumple, so I am putting you on a healthier diet.”

Rumple plopped down on the floor. “Healthy, huh?” he said. “Sounds pretty boring.”

“Rumple,” said the Old Witch. “Count Morbid is right and you will just have to try it for a while. I am sure you will feel better after a week or so and you won’t have any more pimples on your nose.”

Bernie poked his head out of the Old Witch’s pocket and said, “What’s a spinach soufflé? We sort of like seeds and grains.”

“I have a big bag of sunflower seeds in the kitchen,” said Count Morbid. “I will put some in a bowl for you.  “I also have Corn Flakes and Oatmeal and whole wheat pasta I can break into pieces for you. Do you like fruit? I have some raisins and dried cranberries. Would you like any of that?”

The other four mice crept out of the Old Witch’s pocket and clapped their little paws.

“That would be a feast,” said Moe. “We usually have to go tramping through a field or a forest to find anything to eat. We’re going to like living here. It’ll be like living in a restaurant.”

Rumple followed them all down to the kitchen, quietly mumbling “sunflower seeds are for birds.”

Count Morbid heard that and with a little snicker in his voice he said, “You can have your salad tonight without the sunflower seeds, Rumple. I’ll give you an extra cucumber instead!”

Rumple stomped out of the kitchen with a big frown on his face.

Slowly Eenie, Menie, Miney, Moe and Bernie crept out of the Old Witch’s pocket, ready to dig in to the feast Count Morbid was preparing for them. The Count put a bowl of sunflower seeds, a dish of dried raisins and a handful of corn flakes on the table.

“All right, fellows. Come and have something to eat.”

The mice didn’t move.

“Is something wrong?” asked the Count.

“Well,” said Moe. “Usually our food is on the floor.  Do you want us to climb up there on the table?”

“I certainly do,” answered the Count.  “The floor is not a dinner table. Climb up there. I am going to find some teeny, tiny chairs for you so you can eat like gentlemen.”

He poked around in a few cabinets and found six little juice glasses: just the right size for a mouse to perch on.  Placing them at one end of the table, the Count said:

“These are your chairs for every meal. Here is where you will come for breakfast, lunch and supper. Any questions?”

The mice each hopped up on a glass.

“You’re a nice man, Count Morbid. Thank you.  What’s gentlemen?” asked Bernie.

Count Morbid handed each one of the mice a peanut, patted them on the head and replied, “A gentleman is someone who is kind, has good manners, and is thoughtful of others.”

In no time at all, the mice ate up everything Count Morbid had put on the table. They wiped their little paws with their napkins and then Moe said:

“Old Witch, would it be all right if we went upstairs now and practiced for a while? We haven’t had a piano to practice on for quite a long time.”

“You can practice any time you like,” said the Old Witch.  “I believe practice is very important if you want to do anything well. Even Count Morbid practices his cooking, don’t you Count?”

“I certainly do,” replied the Count. “In fact, I practiced making the cake you’re having for dessert tonight four times before I finally got it right. Now it’s delicious.  Just wait.”

“I’m ready for a little nap,” said the Old Witch. “Everybody else seems to have already gone to their rooms.”

She pointed to the mice and said, “Some of us spend the afternoon reading or taking a nap. You can do whatever you like. If you want to go back outside, the Ugly Black Spider will show you where there’s a little opening in the basement.”

“I think we’ll just stay inside,” said Eenie. “It’s nice and warm in here.”

They hopped down from their little chairs and went upstairs.  For the rest of the afternoon, lovely music floated all over the house and everybody, except the mice, drifted off to sleep. Eenie, Meney, Miney, Moe and Bernie didn’t seem to get tired and kept playing right up until dinner time.



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